Our mission is to deliver sustainable, profitable value for you

Graft is a communications agency. We work by the principles used to build big brands and motivate behaviour, but our commitment is solely to organisations working to advance healthcare. Our thinking goes beyond the typical constructs of ‘brand’ to drive profitable value that is long-lasting.

Our philosophy is win win win

We believe that building healthcare brands shouldn’t be limited by product boundaries. There are huge opportunities lying within your knowledge of what shapes and surrounds your business environment. The brand experience can be driven further through all your customer touchpoints, by which the people who can benefit most from your science only stand to gain.

We believe this because the Graft team have had successful careers working on big brands, in big pharma and big agencies, and also on the frontline in the NHS. Our experience means we’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and how we can collaborate to achieve so much more.

From Account Managers' toolkit to Zeta Potential explained

Our latest harder working marketing project

graft chromosome

Market analysis, brandscape navigated

graft chromosome

Business objectives redefined for product portfolio

graft chromosome

Collaboration with marketing, sales and customer sample

graft chromosome

60 clinical papers reviewed, therapy area explored

Communications tasks defined, delivered and implemented

graft chromosome

Channels identified

graft chromosome

Activities prioritised, resource levels vs predicted outcomes

graft chromosome

Compliance with ABPI and PMCPA

graft chromosome

Brand story translated into sales materials

graft chromosome

AMs trained in therapy area, brand strategy & supporting clinical evidence

graft chromosome

Therapy area update educational PPT for Healthcare Professionals

graft chromosome

Digital education tool to support Healthcare Professionals' CPD


Short term business goals achieved for sales and market share

"I am really impressed by the amount of work that has gone into this, the result is truly excellent" - Senior Product Manager

Foundation laying for medium- and long-term business objectives through strategic direction

"This really tells a story, we've never had anything like this before" - Account Manager

Account Managers upskilled

"The training materials we had were great, they were really clear and therefore much more useful" - Account Manager

Value driven through HCP education and materials sympathetic to their working challenges

"I have never seen a Healthcare Professional so excited about something we've given them" - Account Manager

What do you want your brand to stand for?

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